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Purchasing Group – Your key to a new home and investment is worthwhile

In recent years, more and more private individuals and investors have discovered the great value of the purchasing group system, which is becoming widespread all over the country. 
One of the main advantages inherent in this method is the fact that the purchasers own the rights to the land, while the contractor is the sole contractor without any rights to the land. Thus, the purchasers are not dependent on their financial situation, and in case they are bankrupt, they can be replaced by another contractor who will quickly proceed without delay. 
In addition, purchasers in this method are guaranteed to receive a higher quality real estate property at a significantly lower cost than the market price.

Elgar – a set of advantages

The success of the method depends first and foremost on choosing a quality project. This is where we come into the picture … 
Long before marketing the project, Elgar takes care of the long-term, detailed, and long-term planning of the project infrastructure, which includes appropriate sharing agreements and the ability to identify the right professionals for the process. 
This ensures that the project is launched with all aspects already organized in advance in the most professional manner – 
and you enjoy peace of mind and clear advantages:

  • Full data transparency
  • A company of engineers and professional consultants with proven experience in accompanying purchasing groups
  • A mixed professional committee accompanies the project all along
  • Accompanying Bank Accompanying – Due to Elgar's vast knowledge and experience in working with the banks as part of purchasing groups, the company ensures that the purchasers have a good agreement to accompany the banks suitable for managing the project
  • Legal support of professionals in real estate and taxation – ensures compliance with income tax criteria for purchase groups
  • Compliance with pre-estimated costs and budget frameworks
  • Greater involvement of the tenants and greater flexibility in the internal division of the apartment and its architectural design

Elgar. Entrepreneurship of excellence!