Transactions of this type are long-term transactions that require continuous, reliable and good contact with the entrepreneur. 
The decision to choose the entrepreneur, with whom an agreement is signed, is the most important decision for the landowners and it will determine first and foremost the success of the project.

The Elgar Group presents a number of advantages in the way and method that allow the rights holders greater involvement in the project and a sense of cooperation in building the process. 
The company shares and co-ordinates the mission with a number of issues:

  • Selection of external tax experts for the benefit of the property owners, initiating meetings between the representatives and the experts in order to solve personal taxation problems.
  • Involvement in choosing the project architect and planning the building.
  • Choosing an outside contractor for actual construction, as an optional bar only, without a right to land, which can be replaced if there is a financial or performance failure in building the project.
  • Integration of the representatives in the selection of finishing materials for the building, taking into account the taste of the majority of rights holders.